The lottery is real — it’s just not a sudden and unexpected thing. It’s predictable (over long periods of time) and involves some faith but mostly discipline. The slow motion lottery of investing and working hard isn’t found in a convenience store, it’s found in your character.

A co-worker recently asked me if I play the lottery and before I could even answer she said, “probably not, you’ve already won.”

People see material things I have and make assumptions — who am I to burst their bubble? The truth is that I have indeed won the lottery without ever buying a ticket or silly scratch off card.

My lottery has much better odds and I have a lot to show for it. The lottery I play is called life and it takes work. Every day, every decision is a gamble but unlike the “idiot tax” of an actual lottery, I can influence the outcome. They say all you need is a dollar and a dream, but I say all you need is a dollar and a plan! I played the odds when it came to discipline (stayed fully invested during the great recession), focus (I have a plan and execute every day), and adventure (I’m willing to take risks without being risky). These are the odds you can control and they’re much better than the actual lottery’s 160 million to 1 odds.

You want to win the lottery then get a plan and stick to it. Modify it if necessary but remain focused on the goal, winning. Discipline is hard. Saving when you really want to spend is hard, but it’s a winning lottery ticket you just have to have the guts to buy it.

Sitting in a stadium listening to Tony Robbins give you the easy answers and make you feel good about yourself isn’t a plan. That’s kidding yourself. A plan requires action and difficult decisions. It wasn’t easy to sign the papers, write the check, and start a business, but I did it anyway. It also wasn’t easy to sell the business but I was determined and single minded, and I won.

Buying a lottery ticket is a search for external success. Playing the slow motion lottery is a search for and defines your inner motivation and strength, it’s the workout for your soul.

Financial Life Coach | | Author: What Next A Proactive Approach to Success. #Curious, #adventurous

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