I Can See The Future And So Can You

I see the future. I can see exactly what my life will be like. So can you.

Your mission is to figure out the steps to take in the present to arrive at the place you see.

This is how I lived my life and so far, not only has it worked out, but I’m ahead of schedule. I did not see all the twists and turns, I did not see all the obstacles but I focused on the vision and kept moving.

What does your future look like?

Maybe you want to get out of debt, start a business, get that car you always wanted, retire comfortably, or any combination of these. Picture it. Close your eyes and live it. Imagine what it will be like. Experience how nice it feels.

I’m not saying that visualizing something is enough to achieve it, there is no secret here. But you can’t create the future if you don’t first have a clear picture of what it will look like.

My visualization was seeing myself living a life as a young retiree. I saw myself going hiking and biking. But not just while out on the hike or bike ride. I saw myself coming back home, walking through the front door, getting a drink and sitting on my patio. I imagined meeting friends at a local bar. I imagined my ideal day.

I was specific in my vision. Knowing where retirement would be I could see the brew pub I was meeting my friends, I saw where I parked and how far I walked to get there.

So, stop reading, close your eyes and go to the future, live there for a moment. I’ll wait here.

Welcome Back.

Your job, and it is a job, is to find the path to that glorious future you just saw. What can, and more importantly, will you do now to insure you make it there?

This is all about trade offs. You can’t just manifest this future, you have to create it through the choices you make and the work you put into it. You will have to give up some things in the present to achieve that future. Instead of sacrifice, however, you will see reward. You know exactly why you’re saving more than anyone else around you. You understand that driving your old car for a few more years will bring you closer to the reality of that future you see so clearly.

Once you get to the end of this post, your starting gun will go off. You have entered a race that only you can win. There is no shame in asking for help. Enlist everyone you can to help you. Start with friends and family. Maybe you need some outside assistance like a coach or mentor, then find them and start walking the path.

Share your visualizations in the comments and let’s all see your future. Now go!

Financial Life Coach | http://bit.ly/2lqZA7m | Author: What Next A Proactive Approach to Success. http://amzn.to/2x1FEvC #Curious, #adventurous

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