Everybody’s working for the weekend, right?

Mondays suck, Wednesdays are hump day, and if you can make it over the hump then you’re rewarded with Friyay! But that’s only true for employees, people who are, who think like, and who will only be, employees.

For five years I was both an employee and a small business owner. During the week I had two priorities, my “day job” and my business, with 30 employees and the stress that went with that.

On the weekends I didn’t take time off, I worked. There was no reprieve and that’s ok because as the saying goes, entrepreneurs live a few years like most won’t in order to live the rest of their lives like most can’t.

In addition to my small business I also have several rental properties that require time and energy to manage. To me the weekend isn’t a time just for relaxation, it’s a time to catch up and do more.

If you’re working on a new plan, are thinking about starting a business, the weekend isn’t a time to binge watch your favorite TV show, it’s a time to binge execute, binge plan, and binge create.

I looked forward to the weekends as much as the person who was going to sit around and do nothing because I knew my weekend was moving me forward, supercharging my success.

So how do you spend your weekends?

Financial Life Coach | http://bit.ly/2lqZA7m | Author: What Next A Proactive Approach to Success. http://amzn.to/2x1FEvC #Curious, #adventurous

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